Empowering leadership



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Empowering Leadership Through Innovation is Total Employee Sourcing, LLC's motto. As a Veteran owned  Business, TES is changing the way the business sector views Human Resource, Education and Training.  With over 40 years of experience between him and his staff , William has a passion to help companies and people beyond the stereotypical scope of human resources, education, and training. As a noted Training and HR professional of more than 20 years, William has noticed a change within the Human Resource sector and decided to address these changes.   

From his tenures as a Training, Recruiting, and Educational professional, William noticed the challenges faced by companies in finding and retaining the right talent.  While communities and employers are faced with challenges in career readiness, which includes life skills, training, and on job readiness, TES was created to address the needs of both the employers and the community through rebuilding, encouragement, and empowerment.

Total Employee Sourcing, LLC's motto is "Empowering Leadership Through Innovation" .